Acoustic Consulting

The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) prohibits the discharge of any contaminants into the environment which cause or are likely to cause negative impact and must not exceed MOE approved and regulated limits for noise and chemicals.  Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for air and noise emissions as required under Section 9 of the EPA.

In support of MOE ECA Application, LAW Environmental Consultants has been actively involved in the field of acoustics through the successful completion of:

  • Primary Noise Screening Assessments;
  • Secondary Noise Screening Assessments;
  • Detailed Acoustic Assessment Reports (AAR);
  • Abbreviated Acoustic Assessment Reports (A-AAR); and
  • Acoustic Audits

Noise emissions are compared to the Noise Pollution Control (NPC) Guidelines NPC-300 – Environmental Noise Guideline, Stationary and Transportation Sources – Approval and Planning.

Under s.9 EPA, all applicants for ECA are required to complete noise screening for all noise and vibration emissions from their facility on all onsite and/or offsite Points of Reception if the minimum separation distance between the facility and the sensitive receptors are not achieved.

A Secondary Noise Screening Assessment is completed to assess the facility’s compliance with the MOE published noise criteria outlined in NPC-300. If your facility does not comply with the above criteria after the primary and secondary noise screening then you may need to conduct an Abbreviated Acoustic Assessment Report (some limitations applied) or complete a full Detailed Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR).

If the detailed AAR studies show non-compliance, then LAW Environmental Consultants will provide you with practical and cost-effective noise abatement action plan identifying sources with elevated noise level and mitigation measures.

LAW Environment has assisted a number of clients with design and installation of noise mitigation measures such as acoustical enclosure, mufflers, silencers, and acoustical louvers at the source with the goal of reducing set back distance for residential development and compliant operation of the facility.

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