Asbestos Survey And Inspection

Under Regulation 278/05 – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations, Asbestos survey is a building-wide or facility-wide inspection that provides a general sense of the overall location, type, quantity, and condition of asbestos-containing materials, friable or non-friable material present.

  • Friable asbestos-containing materials (ACM) include those that can be crumbled and pulverized by hand pressure. Friable ACM most often found in buildings include: mechanical systems thermal insulation, fireproofing, soundproofing and other acoustic applications.
  • Non-friable ACM are those that require tools to be broken and pulverized. Non-friable ACM include: drywall joint compounds, plasters, vinyl asbestos flooring materials, acoustic tiles, gaskets, putties, and caulks.

asbestos-02In Baseline Survey, the most accessible functional spaces are inspected and bulk samples taken of suspect materials observed. The baseline survey provides information for long-term management of ACM and prioritization of response actions. The presence of asbestos in suspect materials may be assumed or presumed in some cases without bulk samples being taken or analyzed.  An assessment of relative risk of exposure to airborne asbestos takes place during the survey. Factors included in the assessment include:

  • Accessibility to building occupants;
  • The likelihood of disturbance by regular activities in the building;
  • Type and amount of asbestos in ACM; and
  • Friability and condition of ACM

Our qualified staff will conduct a thorough inspection by mapping your facility in a 3-dimensional grid and upon completion we will meet with you and discuss our findings. Upon completion of our survey, we will provide you with a comprehensive asbestos survey report.