Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Emergency preparedness and response plan is prepared for industries to identify the responsibilities, actions, and procedures required to respond to emergency situations in order to minimize loss of life and property by utilizing responsible care.

LAW Environmental Consultants has assisted various industries in developing emergency preparedness and response plans in order to manage their business risk and also meet regulatory requirements.

Under the Canadian Environmental protection Act and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment O.Reg 675/98 – “Classification and Exemption of Spills and Regulatory of discharges” affected industries are reported to prepare and implement emergency response plans.

LAW Environmental Consultants has developed emergency response plans for various industries consistent with the requirements of the above regulations and as well as the Canadian standard CAN/CSA-Z731-03 – “Emergency Preparedness and Response”.

For more information on emergency response planning assistance, please contact LAW Environmental Consultants.