Environmental Activity and Sector Registry

Under the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Regulation 245/11 “Prescribed Activities and the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry” (EASR), facilities are

prescribed for the EASR for individual activities and activities related to specific industry sectors that have been prescribed for the EASR:

  • O. Reg. 346/12 (Heating Systems with nameplate capacity exceeding 1.5 million kilojoules)
  • O. Reg. 346/12 (Standby Power Systems less than 700 kW)
  • O. Reg. 347/12 (Automotive Refinishing)
  • O. Reg. 349/12 (Printing)
  • O. Reg. 350/12 (Solar Facilities)
  • O. Reg. 351/12 (Non-hazardous Waste Management Systems)

All other equipment NOT eligible for the EASR is required Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) under Section 9, Environmental Protection Act.  Further information will be made available for these Activities as they become available.   The following additional equipment is being proposed to be eligible for Sector Registry on the Environmental Bill of Rights:

  • Cooling towers
  • Small dust collection systems at schools (does not include universities, colleges, or trade schools) and retail locations;
  • Laboratory fume hoods at schools (does not include universities, colleges, or trade schools);
  • Maintenance arc welding operations.

Please visit the MOE website for more information regarding the EASR Regulation at ene.gov.on.ca and the proposed changes at  ebr.gov.on.ca

We are here to discuss your compliance needs and assist you with compliance assessment of your facility prior to installing the equipment and completing the online Sector Registry for due diligence and liability reasons. If your operations do not meet the requirements outlined in O. Reg 245/11 then an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) may be required as outlined in Part II.I of the Environmental Protection Act.