Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 provides a practical tool for your organization to identify and control possible environmental impact and constantly improve your environmental performance and employee health and safety.

LAW Environmental Consultants can help you become certified with ISO 14001 by developing a tailor made documented Consultants management system (EMS), meeting and/or exceeding the requirements of ISO 14001. An initial audit is used to analyse the gaps between current management systems and ISO 14001 EMS.

ISO 14001 registration process is the first step to conformance. An Consultants policy must be developed. Policies, procedures and work instructions must be updated to current Consultants standards and practices.

Use LAW Environmental Consultants to conduct an independent audit to assess operational processes and procedures for managing Consultants risks and liabilities. Tasks typically include:

  • Define and develop an environmental policy;
  • Design a plan with objectives and targets to fulfill the environmental policy;
  • Ensure management and employee commitment to continual environmental improvement;
  • Measure, monitor and evaluate environmental performance;
  • Assist the organization to achieve the environmental policy objectives and targets; and
  • Review and continually improve the EMS.

Our approach to EMS implementation is to work closely with your team and devise a system consistent with your organizational culture to ensure it is successfully completed and implemented.

For more information on your EMS, please call LAW Environmental Consultants.