Ambient Air Monitoring

ambient-air-monitoring-01LAW Environmental Consultants staff has extensive experience on providing equipment specifications, procurement, installation and commissioning of ambient air quality monitoring for industries and municipalities.  We have worked closely with Ecotech (Australia), MetOne (USA), and  Synspec (the Netherlands) ambient air quality monitoring equipment for monitoring of ambient concentration of CO, NOx, O3, SO2, PM10, PM2.5, and Total Hydrocarbons.

As part of ambient air quality monitoring, we have specified and designed mobile or stationary ambient air quality monitoring stations including full meteorological data monitoring for solar radiation, precipitation, and wind speed/direction, temp. and barometric pressure consistent with the requirements of US EPA ambient air quality monitoring siting criteria

ambient-air-monitoring-02We have monitored ambient air quality for particulate matter loading from operation of aggregate handling and lumber yards using high volume sampler in conjunction with monitoring for local weather conditions.  The ambient monitoring was carried out in some cases where the dispersion modelling results showed non-compliance at the point (s) of impingement.

For more information on ambient air quality monitoring and management, please contact LAW Environmental Consultants.