Exhaust Stack Sampling and Monitoring

LAW Environmental Consultants has been providing a wide range of professional services to industrial clients for their air emission discharges. Our services are designed to help industries manage their plant air emissions through development of technically sound and economically feasible strategies for compliance with regulatory and environmental standards. LAW Environmental Consultants staff has carried out exhaust stack sampling for particulate matter and volatile organic compounds for various industries in Canada and overseas. The exhaust stack sampling has been carried out in full compliance with the requir

ements of US EPA and the Ontario Source Testing Codes in Canada and European directive for overseas projects.


We have streamlined processes and designed and commissioned pollution control system for very complex manufacturing processes. The pollution control efficiency of the system was evaluated with sampling and dispersion modelling to ensure compliance.

At the nearest point of reception achieved by increasing exhaust stack heights for some applications.

exhaust-stack-02LAW Environmental Consultants also provides pretest plan and offers services in the areas of assessment and characterization of air emissions or odour from process, machinery equipment, and plant using a variety of tools and engineering techniques including olfactory method.

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