Occupational Noise Assessment

Occupational noise in the workplace can be a serious hazard that, if remained unchecked, can cause permanent hearing loss, interfere with hearing conversations, reduce productivity and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries

Occupational Noise Monitoring needs to be carried out to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive noise at their place of work. One way of doing this is to carry out a workplace Occupational Noise Monitoring Survey. The results of this will aid the company in formulating its Action Plan to reduce exposures to noise, as required by regulations. These regulations state that companies are required to monitor noise levels in the workplace, and to take steps to prevent or reduce the exposure to noise risks.

occupational-noise-01LAW Environmental Consultants has carried out workplace noise assessment for various industries including digitized noise mapping, personal and area noise monitoring, and prepared tailor-made hearing protection program.  Here is the list of occupational noise related work  that we have completed for our clients:

  • Noise maps, colour coded plant layout identifying noisy areas requiring hearing protection program
  • Noise reduction, frequency analysis to help qualify and establish cost effective and suitable levels of control over noise.
  • Noise hearing protection, the most accurate methods assessing the hearing protection for various industries

We have provided effective mitigation measures for high noisy machinery equipment in order to determine compliance with regulatory limits, identify sources of high noise and areas of concern, and evaluate the need for, or effectiveness of, hearing protection and/or engineering controls.

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