MSDS Preparation and Material Testing

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards and how to work safely with the chemical product.  In collaboration with University of Toronto, LAW Environmental Consultants has prepared Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for various products.  MSDSs are prepared under 9 or 16 headings base on the client’s needs:

msds-preparation-01Hazardous Ingredients

Depending on product physical state, scanning electron microscopy, ICP, and or GC-MS are used for compositional analysis of products

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical parameters such as vapor pressure, vapor density, volatility, water/oil distribution coefficient, specific gravity, boiling point, solubility, and other parameters required all will be analyzed, measured, and provided

Fire and Explosion Data

Product flammability, auto-ignition temperature, flammable limit, flash point, fire hazard, explosion hazard, and all required parameters under this section will be measured, determined, and provided

Toxicological Information

LC50, LD50, chronic effect on Humans, other toxic effects, and all other parameters required under this section will be provided

Other Information

  • Regulatory Information;
  • Transportation Information;
  • Disposal Consideration;
  • Ecological Information;
  • Stability and Reactivity Data;
  • Exposure Controls/Personal Protection;
  • Handling and Storage;
  • Accidental Release Measures; and
  • First Aid Measures

Will be provided on the MSDS, Please contact us to have your MSDSs completed on time and save on your operating cost.