Wastewater Treatment and Monitoring

LAW Environmental Consultants can evaluate your wastewater discharges for compliance with the Municipal Sewer Use By Law guidelines. The report includes in-plant sewer sampling and flow measurement to characterize waste loading and provides recommendations for corrective actions such as process modifications and/or designing cost effective treatment methodologies to reduce your waste load.

wastewater-01In collaboration local universities, LAW Environmental Consultants can provide pilot and bench scale services to solve your wastewater problems.

With Pollution prevention at source, We focus on reducing or eliminating generation of your wastewater by process modifications and recycling if possible.

LAW Environmental Consultants is uniquely qualified to understand unit processes and is experienced in industrial wastewater treatment for Automotive, Paints/Coatings & Adhesives, Chemical and Metal Working sectors.

LAW Environmental Consultants can answer the complex question “Which contaminants must be removed, how and to what extent?” The answer is based on scientific knowledge, engineering judgement, past experience, and consideration of regulatory requirements.

Let LAW Environmental Consultants manage your water pollution issues; reduce liabilities, and costs associated with your wastewater discharges.